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What a find. I heard of Spinal Decompression and was referred by my Orthopedist to for treatment. Dr. Karr asked that we order an MRI and he found a disc herniation as the cause for the radiation into my legs. I did the Decompression with hopes I didn’t have to go down the surgery route. The doctor explained that everybody responds differently to treatment and made no promises, but allowed me to speak with his patients that were currently being treated with decompression for feed back. For the most part it was positive.Seiko and Betty were able to get the treatment paid in full by my insurance. (work comp)I so appreciate the time – energy – and care this office extended to me. I saw them argue the denials from the insurance company and I really appreciate it all so much.Today I feel 80-90% better. No Leg problems. Just some occasional soreness in my lower back if I sit for too long. No med’s and no thoughts of surgery.Many thanks gang

Happy Patient

I am a physician who has 3 disc herniations at L3-4, L4-5 and L5S1. I had severe back pain, sciatica and radiated pain down my right leg. My symptoms progressed despite 3 epidural injections, 1 facet block, pysical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. I was prepared for surgery as much as I didn’t want it. I had progressed to the point where I could barely walk and had to pull myself up stairs. Then I went to Dr. Mike and started on decompression on the DRX9000. My hopes were high, but I was realistic. After the first 12-14 treatments I had really only slight relief. I was beginning to get concerned and then we went to 3 treatments a week, after a long holiday weekend. It was then that my pain began to abate. I must tell you, I was shocked and delighted. After a few more treatments my pain went from alevel 8 to level 3-4. Then, my sciatica disappeared. Not a little…..completely! I have finished 24 treatments and am “off ” for a month or so. I am dancing again, playing golf and waking up only with a minimal amount of back stiffness. Now, I must admit. I was scared into compliance. I did whatever the doctor asked me to: Changed to soft soled shoes, used orthotics, did the therapy he recommended and did a number of accupuncture treatments. But hey, it worked. If you are a skeptic, please do yourself a favor and at least schedule an appointment at this office and meet the doctors and the wonderful staff. They are all great. Very professional, compassionate and well versed in the therapy. You will not regret any time or money spent. I am a fan for life. Stewart Lonky, M.D.

Dr. Stewart Lonky, MD

I was involved in a car accident and after getting an MRI Dr. K discovered I had a disc herniation in my lower back. He put me on Decompression treatment, which I knerw nothing about and was happy with the results.He put the case on a lien with my attorney and the med pay nearly paid for all the treatment.I highly recommend this office.

Satisfied Patient

First off I would like to say thank you to all the doctors and there team for the wonderful service they provided me the moment I walked in the door. I came in as a walk-in and was treated like family. The whole team was kind, informative and helpful. So I finally decided to see a specialist after months of pain in my rib area. With there expertise, he was able to diagnose the problem and use his magic hands to readjust my back and ribs. I feel fantastic after my first visit and kick myself for not coming earlier. It was also surprisingly affordable. It was so great to see Dr. Mike actually cared for his patients. He was all ears when I spoke and his face time was invaluable. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to use West Los Angeles Chiropractic office for all my chiropractic needs. I hope other patients will be able to experience what a wonderful practice you have. Best wishes. Anton


I defiantly feels relief from decompression in my neck. I thought it was going to hurt, but it’s actually very comfortable. I did feel pain the night following several treatments which I was told was common, but that should last after mot=re treatments. It didn’t last and I’m getting more relief than I’ve gotten else where with out surgery!
They have a brand new Cerivcal Non surgical spinal decompression machine. I was impressed the the staff and how professional the office was run.

Satisfied Patient

I’ve been coming to this office for years and love the way they treat there patients. I always feel welcomed and important. I recently had a massage by Vicky and it was terrific! LOVE IT! Best of all my insurance covered it with a $10 co-pay.
After my decompression treatment of course.Yea baby…

A Happy Patient

I’ve found that the moirajty of paitents in need of cervical disc decompression present with no pain at the neck! They tend to present with weakness, numbness, tingling, or pain of the arms and hands! Its important that people understand that some people are simply wired up differently than others, and therefore their arm pain and other symptoms will be different. Regardless of their symptoms, finding a practitioner with a DRX9000c should always come into consideration when dealing with a cervical disc herniation.

I was sent to Dr. arr by my Ortho for spinal decompression. The day I got my first treatment I had HOPE come back into my life. I lost hope long ago. I never did surgery and bounced around looking for help with no luck for years.I urge anyone with a disc injury to try spinal decompression before doing surgery. As Dr. C explained, once someone does surgery 95% of the time we can’t treatment them with spinal decompression becuase of the increased risk due to the surgery.Thank Los Angeles Spinal Decompression!

They have a brand new Cerivcal Non surgical spinal decompression machine. I was impressed the the staff and how professional the office was run.


I first went here in late 2005 for care and really had a terrific experience with treatment. I would say about 85-90% relief with the radiating leg pain when I started. Years later I went back for more Decompression treatment. I took a serious spill while snow boarding and the leg pain returned again. Dr’s. K and O were thorough and always concerned. We started strengthening exercises the second week and I explained to them the pain was subsiding. I really feel the Medx machines help with Decompression.This time I had insurance which paid for a large portion of the spinal decompression. This is a great office and you have nothing to loose by letting the doctor review your findings with you and seeing the office for yourself.

Another Happy Patient

I went to see the doctor to treat my facet syndrome and he did wonders. I strongly recommend Dr. Mike to anyone who suffers from back pain. I wanted to do the decompression, but Dr. O explained that the problem didn’t warrant such aggressive treatment and discouraged me. I saved time and money here. I trust them very much,

Happy Patient

After much research, I discovered that only a very few doctors take health insurance for spinal decompression. I found myself suddenly in a painful situation with my lower back and leg pain and the bills were adding up quickly. Each doctor had their own approach as to how and help me. I did the epidurals several times with some relief, but it didn’t last and surgery wasn’t an option. No one told me about spinal decompression. I had to hear about it from a friend and that’s when the research started.I met with Dr. Mike and he reviewed my exam and MRI with me in detail. It mode complete sense as it related to the pin I was having, that being a nerve in my lower back being pinched and how everyone has a different idea of how to treat it.I decided to do treatment with Dr. Mike and I started noticing a difference rather quick. He explained that most people don’t notice relief that quickly and Dr. Mike changed my treatment plan and started me on strengthening exercises. I believe he is the only office offering Medx with decompression.The cost was a fraction of what other offices wanted me to pay out of pocket and I must say I can imagine getting any better treatment elsewhere. I like to DRX9000 as oppose to the other machines I looked into.I am pain free and much more confident in my daily activities. I suggest seeing Dr. Mike before considering anything else.

Happy Patient

I went to Dr. Mike for an Personal Injury case. Dr. Mike decided an MRI was needed for my lower back. After reviewing the MRI report he put me on his Spinal Decompression. His office explained in was covered by my Med Pay. Thank goodness. This office was professional and caring. Seiko took care of all my billing questions and explained it to me clearly. I am grateful for the care and the fact that I no longer have sciatica running down my leg. I strongly recommend Spinal Decompression for anyone who have a disc bulge!


Why didn’t my ortho tell me about spinal decompression. The ortho said “there’s not enough research done on it yet”. Hum, and all the lawsuits on medication and recall on surgeries, such as hip replacements is better?
I don’t get that sort of spin.I found this treatment to be helpful. My insurance paid a portion of the treatment. As far as I could tell, this was the only office that accepted insurance for spinal decompression. Anyway, I got an MRI after the treatment and found much improvement. I would say about 75% difference between the old and new MRI. I feel better and I stopped running as a hobby. I’m okay with the trade off.

Satisfied Patient

Yes, they take insurance. My Med Pay paid for the entire treatment plan rolling a car accident I was involved in. This office is the best. No pressure to sign up and great bedside care. I recommend them to everyone. why do surgery and NOT try this first? The DRX9000 is a terrific treatment tool.

A Patient

I found the office to be a valuable resource. Great location and priced the best for the Spinal Decompression Therapy that I researched. Karr and staff do a good job.


I researched this office and many others and found Los Angeles Spinal Decompression we’re one of the only office’s that accept insurance for spinal decompression treatment. I got plenty of improvement doing the DRX9000. I’ve recommended Spinal Decompression to others I know with disc herniations. I looked at the Vax D and others, but relaized the DRX9000 spinal decompression was the best machine. Staff is friendly and easy to work with. Everyone was focused on my care. Thanks guys +Mark Spencer

Another Happy Patient

Although I’ve been a patient of Los Angeles Spinal Decompression for years, I recently had a baby and my lower back pain was excruciating. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to pick up my baby or do even little things around the house. After just one spinal decompression treatment I felt like a new person. After 2 weeks the pain was almost gone completely. I’m so grateful to everyone in the office for taking the time to figure out what was really happening and then patiently and gently working with me to fix the problem.

Lisa Knapp

There I was lying in the hospital at Cedar’s, all prepped for surgery on two small herniated discs. Facebook friends (& my Uncle who is a Doctor) all told me NOT to go thru with the surgery. I did not. I was referred to Los Angeles Spinal Decompression to learn more about decompression therapy. I have to say I was skeptical at first. I was in so much pain that I could barely walk. But being a real estate agent, I am on my feet quite a bit. My posture was clearly misaligned and it freaked me out to look at myself in the mirror. But I started my care under Dr Mike and would say within 10 days, I felt amazingly better. Not only was I in much less pain, but I could walk normal as well. My pain threshold went from a 10 to about a 4. But I continued my therapy anyhow and with conviction. And by the end of my 24 sessions, I had absolutely no pain. I had a 7-day, 500+ mile bike ride that I had committed to and was determined to do it. Wouldn’t you know that 10 days prior to the Ride, I threw my back out again and could barely move. On May 30 (Memorial Day), Los Angeles Spinal Decompression was open for business and I found myself in the decompression therapy and Dr Karr’s care for 4 days before getting on my bike only to complete all but 1 day. Thank you for being there and for your continued guidance to a better back!

Daniel S.

I was a patient of Dr. Mike ’s years ago for a different injury. I recently in juried my disc and after having an MRI and various doctors suggesting surgery, I started doing my homework. The surgeon didn’t even mention Spinal Decompression as an option. Surgery and drugs are NOT an option for me.I checked various office and was really happy to learn that Dr. Mike was by far the least expensive for DRX treatment. He was the only office I found that even took my insurance and redcued my overall costs because of that. Another reason I really like this office.I’m not completely out of the woods yet, but the pain is definitely improved. In fact, this is the most improvement I’ve gotten compared to the other treatments I got before starting DRX.ThanksS.

Happy Patient

I’m a graphic artist and mother of three. Years ago I herniated a disc and have been trying to manage the pain since then with little results. I didn’t want to do surgery, so I went the PT route and then the Pain Med route, but they didn’t help me. Eventually, a colleague told me about this office and the decompression machine. I was excited and skeptical at the same time. I went in for an evaluation and treatment. The treatment made sense to me and because I never felt any pressure to sign up I felt comfortable that I was given the time to make up my own mind if this was right for me. Well, my insurance paid partially for this treatment and I paid the balance.

Today I feel wonderful and American Martyrs so happy I di this treatment. I wish I knew about this place years ago, s I wouldn’t have to live my life in pain for all those years. I encourage everyone I meet now to go check this office out. They changed my life without surgery and or medication. I feel like my life is back!

Los Angeles Spinal Decompression ®
Maria Simpson
Low Back Pain Specialist

I tried spinal decompression and after learning more about it, it just made more sense then what the other doctors were offering me for my disc problem. Dr. Mike is a straight shooter. He explains the problem, offered details of treatment, answered my questions and gets you started. Never felt rushed or pressured. The office made a strong effort to establish my insurance benefits and was definitely the most reasonable office with the least amount of out of pocket expense that I found.

Another Happy Patient